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Concepts and Styles for Sunrooms

Your sunroom style is important because it will be the most popular room in the house. This room will surpass the bedroom, the living room, and the man cave! Your sunroom can be used for everything, from hosting birthday parties to just relaxing and checking Facebook.

Choosing a sunroom style that suits both your home and your personal tastes is important. Secondly, you want to make sure you can use your sunroom throughout the year – not just in the spring, fall, and summer.

At Pro Home Sunrooms, our goal is to help homeowners get the sunroom they’ve always dreamed about – at a price they can afford. Take a look at all the sunroom ideas and strategies that will make it your favorite room 365 days a year!

Sunroom Style Trends: 5 Top Picks

Even though every homeowner’s tastes and every sunroom we build are different, there are some key ideas that nearly everyone agrees on. You can make your sunroom look stunning both inside and out with these 5 sunroom style trends.

1. A lot of Glass and Hidden Fasteners Play a Key Role in Sunroom Style Designs

Sunrooms are your favorite because they offer tons of natural light and an amazing view of the outside. You need plenty of glass to take advantage of those things. Stretching your windows all the way up is a popular design. If you choose Choice Windows, you can extend the window space all the way to the corner of your sunroom, which is not possible with a traditional sunroom build.

2. Picturesque Feel

The uninterrupted picture window style is the predominant trend when designing sunrooms, even as grid work for windows is becoming more popular. Sunroom design is all about maximising the amount of glass and ensuring that you have clear views of the outside. Even though grid patterns are stunning and rustic, they don’t match the style and purpose of a sunroom.

3. Integration into the Home

Sunrooms may be home additions, but a current trend is to open them up so they flow into the rest of the house. Matching the sunroom with the main house’s color or pattern is one of the best ways to accomplish this. An exposed structural beam is another advanced technique.

4. Unique skylights

One popular sunroom idea is to add a wall of glass that lets in natural light in addition to skylights. Taking advantage of modular construction pays off once again in this case. Due to the lack of rafters, you are able to cut skylights to any size you need. Your sunroom will be flooded with light from all angles on a sunny day – few things can compare.

5. Exterior Color Matching

Even though most of our sunroom style advice focuses on the inside, since that’s the part you’ll see every day, you should still keep sunroom exterior style tips in mind as well. If you’re going to add a sunroom to your house, you’ll want it to look like it belongs there.

Your sunroom’s exterior can be matched with your house in a variety of ways:

  • We offer a variety of colors with the option of custom colors, too, so that the sunroom complements the exterior
  • Connecting the gutters so that they match the exterior window profile
  • Your sunroom roof should be covered with the same type of shingles as your house roof


Everything you Need to Know to Choose the Right Sunroom for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Sunroom 

Whether you are looking for a relaxing space to read a good book or just relax with sunlight to light your way a sunroom is always a good idea. It is a space that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of inside your home. It can also serve as a spot to entertain, exercise and more. So how do you choose the right sunroom for you? Well here’s a few things to consider.

What is a sunroom? 

A sunroom is usually an addition to a home. They are either prefabricated or custom built. Glass is what truly makes a sunroom what it is because it lets light in from all angles. Not to mention it allows the people within to see outside and feel that comfort of nature. 

Three vs Four Season Sunrooms

Three season sunrooms usually do not include features of the home within them. They are usually not insulated and have no AC. These types of sunrooms don’t fare well in extreme temperatures whether hot or cold. They usually are built with certain features to help with these temperatures such as open skylights to allow heat to rise, etc. 

A four season sunroom acts more like another room in your home. It has climate control features, insulated walls, and are usually made of sturdier materials. 

Where should I have my Sunroom? 

Like choosing which sunroom works for your home, this decision should also be unique to your home. There’s no right answer to this question, but logistics certainly come into play.  Like the south side of the house is bound to get more sunlight if you live in the northern hemisphere. So these things are important to take into account when figuring out where to have your sunroom. 

All of these ‘rules’ are a matter of preference, specifics of your home, and your house’s layout. After all these preferences do take somewhat of a backseat to structural integrity

I want a sunroom where should I get one? 

Try calling the sunroom experts like those at Pro Home Sunrooms! They work with you to make all your sunroom dreams a reality. They will help you figure out what best suits your home and construct it with the best materials. So call the sunroom experts today!



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