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Your New Home Office: A Sunroom

Since 2020, remote working and an at home office have become necessary features of a home. So what better way to make a space specifically for your work then with a sunroom? A sunroom can be an addition to your home and be used for numerous different purposes, but in today’s society it seems an office is the perfect choice. 

Working from home – Moving to a new location

As our economic and social environments undergo historical and unprecedented changes, more and more companies are transitioning from conventional offices to home offices and work from home settings. Therefore a transition to a home office can be very affordable and may even save you money in the long run.

As a business owner or someone already working from home, a sunroom can make an excellent home office. People are discovering that traditional room additions are very boring and can even be a bit depressing to work from home. As a result, consumers are turning to a much better and more affordable alternative. Home-based work requires a quiet, private space. It’s important for stay-at-home workers to have a place where they can shut the door. You can get things done during your workday in your home office sunroom whether you’re trying to relax or stay focused.

Design Your Own Home Office

You can design your home office the way you want it from start to finish when you build a custom sunroom. Custom designed sunrooms and glass room additions allow you to transform your sunroom into an energizing, uplifting space for your home office. In addition to being the most productive room in your house, your sunroom home office will welcome you with style and comfort, making it the best place to work in your home.

A sunroom designed to meet your needs can also provide you with health benefits! Any space, including your work space, will be brightened by natural sunlight. Sunlight boosts Vitamin D levels, wards off depression, and increases brain activity, making this room ideal for a home office. You can control how much natural sunlight enters your home with drapes or blinds. It is best to paint the walls with lighter colors, like white or eggshell, which will give the room the most light. In order to make your sunroom home office more dramatic, add a few small mirrors to the walls for an even brighter effect.

What are some ways a sunroom can be converted into an office?

A sunroom can be used as a home office in many ways. The unique window wall in a sunroom addition home office differs from a traditional room addition with walls made of wood or block With a high-performance glass or acrylic window wall system, you will receive energizing natural sunlight (proven to improve health and happiness) while at the same time having plenty of space inside your home to work comfortably.

We are committed to providing our customers with only the finest custom built sunrooms and patio enclosures as well as custom home offices. We always put our customer’s interest first and are always committed to providing the very best in high-quality products and installation services. Check out our sunroom before and after photo gallery of projects we have completed by visiting our project portfolio. Call Pro Home Sunrooms for all of your sunroom needs!

Concepts and Styles for Sunrooms

Your sunroom style is important because it will be the most popular room in the house. This room will surpass the bedroom, the living room, and the man cave! Your sunroom can be used for everything, from hosting birthday parties to just relaxing and checking Facebook.

Choosing a sunroom style that suits both your home and your personal tastes is important. Secondly, you want to make sure you can use your sunroom throughout the year – not just in the spring, fall, and summer.

At Pro Home Sunrooms, our goal is to help homeowners get the sunroom they’ve always dreamed about – at a price they can afford. Take a look at all the sunroom ideas and strategies that will make it your favorite room 365 days a year!

Sunroom Style Trends: 5 Top Picks

Even though every homeowner’s tastes and every sunroom we build are different, there are some key ideas that nearly everyone agrees on. You can make your sunroom look stunning both inside and out with these 5 sunroom style trends.

1. A lot of Glass and Hidden Fasteners Play a Key Role in Sunroom Style Designs

Sunrooms are your favorite because they offer tons of natural light and an amazing view of the outside. You need plenty of glass to take advantage of those things. Stretching your windows all the way up is a popular design. If you choose Choice Windows, you can extend the window space all the way to the corner of your sunroom, which is not possible with a traditional sunroom build.

2. Picturesque Feel

The uninterrupted picture window style is the predominant trend when designing sunrooms, even as grid work for windows is becoming more popular. Sunroom design is all about maximising the amount of glass and ensuring that you have clear views of the outside. Even though grid patterns are stunning and rustic, they don’t match the style and purpose of a sunroom.

3. Integration into the Home

Sunrooms may be home additions, but a current trend is to open them up so they flow into the rest of the house. Matching the sunroom with the main house’s color or pattern is one of the best ways to accomplish this. An exposed structural beam is another advanced technique.

4. Unique skylights

One popular sunroom idea is to add a wall of glass that lets in natural light in addition to skylights. Taking advantage of modular construction pays off once again in this case. Due to the lack of rafters, you are able to cut skylights to any size you need. Your sunroom will be flooded with light from all angles on a sunny day – few things can compare.

5. Exterior Color Matching

Even though most of our sunroom style advice focuses on the inside, since that’s the part you’ll see every day, you should still keep sunroom exterior style tips in mind as well. If you’re going to add a sunroom to your house, you’ll want it to look like it belongs there.

Your sunroom’s exterior can be matched with your house in a variety of ways:

  • We offer a variety of colors with the option of custom colors, too, so that the sunroom complements the exterior
  • Connecting the gutters so that they match the exterior window profile
  • Your sunroom roof should be covered with the same type of shingles as your house roof


A Buyer’s Guide to Sunrooms

So You Want to Add a Sunroom? 

It can be exciting and overwhelming to undertake a project to add space to your home, such as a sunroom. How should you approach the project? What should you consider to get the best value from your investment? Read on to find out.


The first step is to determine how you will use the room. Typically, sunrooms are considered a place to escape bugs and inclement weather. However, you can use this new living space in so many other ways. You can also use it as a home office or spa, or for physical exercise. Sunrooms are often the most utilized rooms in a home for customers who plan ahead.

Next, you will need to decide which kind of sunroom you want. This decision should be easier for you if you decide how you will use your room. A screened-in porch or seasonal room might be the perfect fit for you if you just want a retreat when it’s nice outside. The addition of a glass and screen enclosure will extend the sunroom’s usefulness from early spring through late fall. Sunrooms and solariums are ideal for families, dining areas, and exercise rooms. Almost any purpose can be accommodated by today’s higher quality sunrooms, which feature insulated glass and thermally efficient framing. Experts recommend separating the sunroom from the rest of the house through a door for maximum efficiency, energy savings and privacy.

sunroom The room’s view will also need to be considered. For the best view, homeowners should choose full-length glass. Consider your climate as well. For a sunroom that stays cool, you may need sunroom blinds, tinted glass, and/or air conditioning. Your room may need to be heated and insulated if you intend to use it in the winter and in severe weather conditions.

The next consideration is the size of the room that you want and will require, as well as how you will use it. As a reference point, you can take measurements of other rooms in your home. You will have a better idea of how much space you need from this.

We can assist you if you need help planning your sunroom space. We have expert design consultants who can help you determine what type of room fits your lifestyle and needs.


There are two basic categories of sunrooms – three season sunrooms and all-season sunrooms. Which type of sunroom you choose will depend on how you plan to use the room and your budget.

Single-glazed glass and screens are usually used to construct three-season rooms. To reduce glare and the effects of ultraviolet radiation, some companies offer optional tinted glass and shading systems. Single-pane glass can offer some protection from warm or cool temperatures but offer very little protection against extremes.

In addition to double-paned, insulated glass, year-round sunrooms and solariums are often equipped with dedicated or zoned heating and cooling systems to make the room available 24/7.


Be cautious of corporations that purchase standard parts from other manufacturers, such as doors and windows, and then fill in gaps with filler pieces to provide you with a “custom” sunroom. It can lead to poor aesthetics and a look that doesn’t fit the rest of your house.

Sunrooms and solariums that are truly custom are manufactured for a specific customer, taking into account many factors, such as the existing architecture of the house, the customer’s tastes, and the available space. You should also consider whether the sunroom company has tested their products to meet local wind, rain, and snow load requirements, as well as local building codes. 

Ideally, the company from which you purchase your room will also manufacture and install it. The improper installation of a sunroom may cause problems between the customer, contractor, and manufacturer. This could end up voiding your warranty and leaving you with serious problems.

Here at Pro Home Sunrooms we work with you to guarantee your sunroom is exactly what you are looking for. We help you pick what works best for you and keep all your needs in mind as well as the climate which you are located in. Picking a company that works with you and understands what you are looking for is important. Call us here at Pro Home Sunrooms and lets help you get started on your sunroom home addition. 


Should I get a Solarium or a Sunroom?

Solarium or Sunroom- Which Should I Choose? 

You might become overwhelmed by the endless choices available for sunroom additions to your home. Our Pro Home Sunroom experts are often asked, “What is a solarium and how is it different from other sunroom additions? The purpose of this blog post is to discuss the differences between these types of sunrooms and describe some of the custom options that are available for each.

solariumSolariums – what are they?

Solariums are sunroom additions that are completely made of glass, including the roof and walls. An individual room cooling and heating unit allows for year-round use of your new space.


  • The glass construction of solariums offers a living space that is filled with natural light and allows unobstructed views of the outside.
  • Solariums are an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys stargazing, but doesn’t want to be bothered by bugs. Instead, you can enjoy observing the stars in the comfort of your own home.
  • Solariums are often used as greenhouses for plants or flowers that need lots of sunlight since they allow optimal natural light into the room.


  • Since the solarium’s ceiling consists entirely of glass (despite it being insulated), it tends to get hot. You can install vent fans to allow warm air to escape.
  • Solariums tend to be more expensive than four-season rooms due to the thermally-engineered design and materials used.

solariumFour Season Rooms: What do they offer?

Generally, a four season room add-on is a type of sunroom addition that is designed to remain comfortable all year round. Your home will gain additional living space and entertaining space during inclement weather with a four season room.


  • The advantage of four-season rooms is that they tend to be less expensive than adding solariums and still offer you a spectacular view.
  • In spite of the fact that four season rooms do not have an entirely transparent roof, you can still enjoy light coming through the ceiling by adding glass roof panels or a fixed skylight.


  • Due to the non-glass roof, a four season room does not provide quite the same amount of natural light as a solarium. 

The Difference Between a Sunroom and a Solarium.

Whether you choose a solarium or a four-season room, Pro Home Sunrooms can work with you on what design best fits your home and needs.

Would you like to learn more? Give us a call here at Pro Home Sunrooms and we will help you get started on this project. 


A 4-Season Sunroom is Exactly what you need for Summer

Every Home Needs a Sunroom During the Summer 

In some states, people wait all year for the warmer months to return. It’s a great way to get outdoors and take in the view without being chilled or walking through the snow. However, summer also comes with its downfalls. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to deal with mosquitoes and other pests, as well as hot and humid weather. However, what if we told you there’s a way to still enjoy the outdoors without being bitten by insects and suffering from humidity? It’s called a 4-season sunroom.

As you know, Florida is one of the states that gets really hot during the summer months. This isn’t a problem for those with a 4 season sunroom and you can relax without the pain of having to deal with all of those pesky insects and humid weather.

four season sunroomEnvironmentally Friendly

4-season sunrooms are great additions to any home in the summer. They get their name from the fact that they can keep warmth and sunlight inside all year round. In addition, 4-season sunrooms can help you enjoy those beautiful outdoor views without bugs and humidity. 4-season sunrooms also have many other benefits, such as being cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Saves You Money 

Most 4-season sunroom owners save a lot of money on energy bills each month because 4 seasons sunrooms keep in heat during the winter months and blocks out the UV rays during the summer season. They also keep fresh air circulating through the room. Owners don’t have to worry about pollen or other outdoor allergens because 4 seasons sunrooms filter them out from the room. In addition, they are environmentally friendly because rather than using harmful chemicals like pesticides and insecticides, 4 season sunrooms use screens to keep insects out. 

So, what do 4-season sunrooms look like? 

4-season sunrooms can be as small with windows or with a large patio door. These sunrooms come in all shapes and sizes too, so you could even have a sunroom inside a sunroom.  4-season sunrooms are especially useful in homes that have lots of glass.

The sunrooms in Michigan are also known as the ‘spaces’ and they create a sort of outdoor living space for you along with your home. They are created with glass in order to make them translucent and function as a medium for minimal heat loss. 


How To Design A Sunroom: A Simple Guide For Adding Value To Your Home

A sunroom is an addition to your home which adds value, therefore designing it properly is important. This space should be a place of relaxation and beauty. So instead of making this interior decorating a daunting task, we’ve got a few tips to help you get started.

Designing a sunroom

Take time to consider your style and who you are designing for when designing your sunroom. If you’re designing for family and friends, ensure that they are comfortable in your space and you use plenty of nature themed items to decorate the space. Your family and friends will enjoy coming back to your space often, as it will become a welcoming space. Sunrooms are also a great way to add extra living space to your house. If you have less space at the front of your house, or if you live in a tight spot, a sunroom might be the perfect addition to your home. The color of your sunroom is important, too. Pick a color that works well with your home. Your sunroom should have everything you need and want to entertain friends and family.

sunroom designBringing in the elements

Let’s start with the basics first. What exactly is a sunroom? Typically, sunrooms are built on the north or south side of your home and face the south or west. The sunrooms are predominantly built on the south facing side of the home. From there, it’s important to note that a sunroom can face either the north or south, so long as it’s oriented towards the sun. Those who wish to incorporate any type of cross-ventilation into their sunroom will want to avoid creating an air-exchange room. When attempting to offset heat gain, cross-ventilation has been proven to be far more effective. Cross-ventilation ensures that the room has a constant supply of air with low humidity. It also allows for gentle breezes throughout the room.

Creating the perfect space

There are various ways in which you can add value to your sunroom. Create a hanging or a bar area. You could put up a bar in your sunroom and arrange it to look like an outdoor space. Or, create a place for your morning coffee with its own little terrace area. Have a small kitchen in your sunroom so you can cook and have your morning coffee. Plants such as bougainvillea can be made to thrive here and can also make your space beautiful. Give your sunroom a garden feel by keeping plants, colorful pots, and plants around the area. Use furniture for a romantic feel such as an old antique table or adding a vintage sun-shaped lamp. If you want to get away from it all, you can install curtains for privacy and add a tv. Hang mirrors with light bulbs so you can see what you’re doing.

Adding style to the exteriorsunroom design

  1. You should paint the siding or concrete the same color as the siding or fence. The small details will help it blend in and add style to your space.
  2. Use low, consistent materials. It doesn’t have to be costly or look like marble.
  3. Use light colors. This will make it look bigger and help it stand out.
  4. Choose a patterned fabric that goes with the siding or fence.
  5. You can also add an accent wall and add contrasting material.
  6. To add more style to the walls, use glass bricks.
  7. Use a rug to add some color to the space.
  8. Adding style to the ceiling will add the feel of a loft to the room.
  9. Follow the color theme. You don’t have to stick to the color, it just helps it stand out.

Now that Your Sunroom Design Inspiration Is Peaked…

We hope you’ve found a helpful guide to helping you with your sunroom design! As you might already know, our site, has a gallery with all different kinds of sunrooms. Take a look at some of our projects for inspiration, or read the latest interior tips. Feel free to browse our gallery for ideas, and let us know if you have any questions or want to arrange for a sunroom to be built in your home! Call us at for all your sunroom needs, 1-888-766-5773 Pro Home Sunrooms has you covered.


Stop SAD in its tracks with a Sunroom

The addition of a Sunroom in your house can help stop SAD

If feelings of depression start to set in around winter time, what you are probably experiencing is SAD. SAD, otherwise known as seasonal affective disorder, has to do with the temperature and darkness of that time of year. Therefore the addition of a sunroom to your home can help. Here’s how it can do so. 

Exercise Space

Winter time makes it a lot harder for people to go outside and exercise due to the cold temperatures. Yet exercise is a great way to stimulate positive chemistry to the brain and your overall mood. Combine exercise with the natural light of a sunroom and warmth of your home and it makes for a perfect space. 

sunroom additionParty Spot 

Sunrooms also provide a great location for parties. With winter it’s hard to go out and socialize, so why not bring that back to your home. Socializing will help with those feelings of SAD and help boost positive energy back into your life. Therefore hosting a gathering in a sunroom will not only provide an ideal space but also allow you to feel somewhat outside without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Natural Light Therapy

A common treatment for SAD is light therapy. If you have a sunroom in your house you can enjoy the light of the sun during the day without experiencing the cold. That exposure to natural light will help boost your mood, give you more energy and even help you sleep better. Spending some time in the sunlit room for a few hours a day can help you shave off some of those SAD feelings.  

 A Fresh Space 

A sunroom can help with all types of depression because it provides a fresh place for someone to think. The room is open and can provide a tranquil space by adding little details to it. This shouldn’t be a cluttered space and being in it can provide you with a sense of calm.

What’s my next step in getting a sunroom? 

Call Pro Home and Sunrooms, they are experts on installing and all things sunroom related. They will help you find the best fit for your home and what layout works best for you. It really is the best way to stop feelings of SAD so why not trust the sunroom experts to help?


We have experienced excellent service and quality!...we love your company and our beautiful new sunroom too!

When the work was completed we were extremely pleased with the new look and the quality of the product and the workmanship!

Pro Sunroom, we found is the best. They did exactly what they said they'd do exactly when they said they would.

We are extremely happy with the Quality of workmanship. Our sunroom has become the place where we spend most of our time.