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Stop SAD in its tracks with a Sunroom

The addition of a Sunroom in your house can help stop SAD

If feelings of depression start to set in around winter time, what you are probably experiencing is SAD. SAD, otherwise known as seasonal affective disorder, has to do with the temperature and darkness of that time of year. Therefore the addition of a sunroom to your home can help. Here’s how it can do so. 

Exercise Space

Winter time makes it a lot harder for people to go outside and exercise due to the cold temperatures. Yet exercise is a great way to stimulate positive chemistry to the brain and your overall mood. Combine exercise with the natural light of a sunroom and warmth of your home and it makes for a perfect space. 

sunroom additionParty Spot 

Sunrooms also provide a great location for parties. With winter it’s hard to go out and socialize, so why not bring that back to your home. Socializing will help with those feelings of SAD and help boost positive energy back into your life. Therefore hosting a gathering in a sunroom will not only provide an ideal space but also allow you to feel somewhat outside without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Natural Light Therapy

A common treatment for SAD is light therapy. If you have a sunroom in your house you can enjoy the light of the sun during the day without experiencing the cold. That exposure to natural light will help boost your mood, give you more energy and even help you sleep better. Spending some time in the sunlit room for a few hours a day can help you shave off some of those SAD feelings.  

 A Fresh Space 

A sunroom can help with all types of depression because it provides a fresh place for someone to think. The room is open and can provide a tranquil space by adding little details to it. This shouldn’t be a cluttered space and being in it can provide you with a sense of calm.

What’s my next step in getting a sunroom? 

Call Pro Home and Sunrooms, they are experts on installing and all things sunroom related. They will help you find the best fit for your home and what layout works best for you. It really is the best way to stop feelings of SAD so why not trust the sunroom experts to help?


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