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Should I get a Solarium or a Sunroom?

Solarium or Sunroom- Which Should I Choose? 

You might become overwhelmed by the endless choices available for sunroom additions to your home. Our Pro Home Sunroom experts are often asked, “What is a solarium and how is it different from other sunroom additions? The purpose of this blog post is to discuss the differences between these types of sunrooms and describe some of the custom options that are available for each.

solariumSolariums – what are they?

Solariums are sunroom additions that are completely made of glass, including the roof and walls. An individual room cooling and heating unit allows for year-round use of your new space.


  • The glass construction of solariums offers a living space that is filled with natural light and allows unobstructed views of the outside.
  • Solariums are an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys stargazing, but doesn’t want to be bothered by bugs. Instead, you can enjoy observing the stars in the comfort of your own home.
  • Solariums are often used as greenhouses for plants or flowers that need lots of sunlight since they allow optimal natural light into the room.


  • Since the solarium’s ceiling consists entirely of glass (despite it being insulated), it tends to get hot. You can install vent fans to allow warm air to escape.
  • Solariums tend to be more expensive than four-season rooms due to the thermally-engineered design and materials used.

solariumFour Season Rooms: What do they offer?

Generally, a four season room add-on is a type of sunroom addition that is designed to remain comfortable all year round. Your home will gain additional living space and entertaining space during inclement weather with a four season room.


  • The advantage of four-season rooms is that they tend to be less expensive than adding solariums and still offer you a spectacular view.
  • In spite of the fact that four season rooms do not have an entirely transparent roof, you can still enjoy light coming through the ceiling by adding glass roof panels or a fixed skylight.


  • Due to the non-glass roof, a four season room does not provide quite the same amount of natural light as a solarium. 

The Difference Between a Sunroom and a Solarium.

Whether you choose a solarium or a four-season room, Pro Home Sunrooms can work with you on what design best fits your home and needs.

Would you like to learn more? Give us a call here at Pro Home Sunrooms and we will help you get started on this project. 



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