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How To Design A Sunroom: A Simple Guide For Adding Value To Your Home

A sunroom is an addition to your home which adds value, therefore designing it properly is important. This space should be a place of relaxation and beauty. So instead of making this interior decorating a daunting task, we’ve got a few tips to help you get started.

Designing a sunroom

Take time to consider your style and who you are designing for when designing your sunroom. If you’re designing for family and friends, ensure that they are comfortable in your space and you use plenty of nature themed items to decorate the space. Your family and friends will enjoy coming back to your space often, as it will become a welcoming space. Sunrooms are also a great way to add extra living space to your house. If you have less space at the front of your house, or if you live in a tight spot, a sunroom might be the perfect addition to your home. The color of your sunroom is important, too. Pick a color that works well with your home. Your sunroom should have everything you need and want to entertain friends and family.

sunroom designBringing in the elements

Let’s start with the basics first. What exactly is a sunroom? Typically, sunrooms are built on the north or south side of your home and face the south or west. The sunrooms are predominantly built on the south facing side of the home. From there, it’s important to note that a sunroom can face either the north or south, so long as it’s oriented towards the sun. Those who wish to incorporate any type of cross-ventilation into their sunroom will want to avoid creating an air-exchange room. When attempting to offset heat gain, cross-ventilation has been proven to be far more effective. Cross-ventilation ensures that the room has a constant supply of air with low humidity. It also allows for gentle breezes throughout the room.

Creating the perfect space

There are various ways in which you can add value to your sunroom. Create a hanging or a bar area. You could put up a bar in your sunroom and arrange it to look like an outdoor space. Or, create a place for your morning coffee with its own little terrace area. Have a small kitchen in your sunroom so you can cook and have your morning coffee. Plants such as bougainvillea can be made to thrive here and can also make your space beautiful. Give your sunroom a garden feel by keeping plants, colorful pots, and plants around the area. Use furniture for a romantic feel such as an old antique table or adding a vintage sun-shaped lamp. If you want to get away from it all, you can install curtains for privacy and add a tv. Hang mirrors with light bulbs so you can see what you’re doing.

Adding style to the exteriorsunroom design

  1. You should paint the siding or concrete the same color as the siding or fence. The small details will help it blend in and add style to your space.
  2. Use low, consistent materials. It doesn’t have to be costly or look like marble.
  3. Use light colors. This will make it look bigger and help it stand out.
  4. Choose a patterned fabric that goes with the siding or fence.
  5. You can also add an accent wall and add contrasting material.
  6. To add more style to the walls, use glass bricks.
  7. Use a rug to add some color to the space.
  8. Adding style to the ceiling will add the feel of a loft to the room.
  9. Follow the color theme. You don’t have to stick to the color, it just helps it stand out.

Now that Your Sunroom Design Inspiration Is Peaked…

We hope you’ve found a helpful guide to helping you with your sunroom design! As you might already know, our site, has a gallery with all different kinds of sunrooms. Take a look at some of our projects for inspiration, or read the latest interior tips. Feel free to browse our gallery for ideas, and let us know if you have any questions or want to arrange for a sunroom to be built in your home! Call us at for all your sunroom needs, 1-888-766-5773 Pro Home Sunrooms has you covered.



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